radicals in vallejo!

I just wanted to plug The Northbay Uprising. They're a radio collective based out of Vallejo with a weekly radio show on Vallejo's community radio station OzCat, located downtown. Recently, the FCC approved their license to broadcast on the FM frequency which will be in mid February! The radio show covers local (meaning: Solano, Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Contra Costa, and Lake counties as well as West Coast or otherwise underground) news/music/poets, censored national news, earth/animal liberation, political prisoners, conspiracy theories, ecology, and many other things.
Brought to you by the Gathering of the Tribes affinity group, Northbay Uprising's mission is to provide a showcase for local music,talent, rants, views and news that would otherwise not be broadcast on the corporate radio, for all "liberated people" of the San Pablo Bay Area and beyond.

Hosted by the "Anonymous Duo", Northbay Uprising is infested with humor, raw energy, anarchy, dignified rage and awesome local talent. And it all goes down right here in the culture capital of the Northbay: Vallejo, California

listen to them online Thursday afternoons from 12-3 PM, and if you live in the vallejo area, listen to them on the air when they get that up and running. 89.5 FM KZCT.
and here i thought the only cool thing from vallejo was mac dre!


  1. Time correction:
    12-3 PM on Thursdays