open carry in walnut creek

so the open carry folks cam to walnut creek and it wasnt a big deal. no counter protesters or anything silly like that. they brought their guns, and the media showed up and took some pictures and video.
im glad it happened and hope they keep at it, but i'm kind of over the group. i have a pretty firm set of political views, and i'm not really interested in going to single issue events where a lot of the people only share the same view as me only on that specific issue and disagree on a lot of other things i find important. case in point:

all the patriotic talk, all the cops or former cops in attendance, and hanging out at buckhorn grill just isnt my thing. i'm not a patriot (nationalist,) i feel at best uncomfortable around cops, and i dont eat meat. i'm not going to have a great time.
i'm glad they are doing what they i doing, and i wish them luck, but i think i'll stick to just going to shooting ranges with my leftist friends. or maybe next time i can sucker a few of my friends to dress punk as fuck and show up.
i bet the media would love to see some punx with guns.

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  1. Great point about single issue events.
    The crazy thing is that to a lot of pro-gun folks, in some twisted logic, gun rights are not single issue and are somehow connected firmly with Christian fundamentalism and capitalism (as illustrated by the photo above). That further exemplifies why the anarchist/left must make firearms an integral part of our struggles.
    Makes me wonder what a left/anarchist gun meet-up might look like. Probably more exciting than hollowly going through a demonstration of what is already legal (open carry). haha