two kinds of war

the mount diablo peace and justice center has put out a statement on the war in afghanistan. the nice thing about being an established and somewhat well known organization is that when you put out a statement, the media will pick it up and make a news article about it. good for them. less established organizations have to put on spectacular protests in hopes of getting mention in the media.

on the social war front, a couple of walnut creek banks were robbed. in oakland, a couple robbing a walgreens got shot at by CHP officers. one of the robbers shot back and hit one of the pigs before being shot and killed. the other robber got away. a few hours later, another walgreens in oakland got robbed.
there was a time, when certain anarchist groups would rob banks to fund their political activity. it used to be that when police attempted to arrest anarchists, the anarchists would pull out guns and there would be a fire fight, sometimes to the death. i dont know if those were the best tactics to use, but it just sounds to much more romantic than working a shitty job or getting sent to jail.

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