all politicians are thieves

Concord's unelected mayor, Guy Bjerke, is now the Bay Area Manager of the Western States Petroleum Association.
that's right, the city's mayor is openly working for big oil businesses while serving public office. i guess it isnt a big surprise for anyone who knows anything about Bjerke. this is the same scumbag who was president of the Home Builders Association of Northern California, an advocacy group for developers while a part of Concord's Planning Commission.
he twice ran for city council and twice lost, but was none the less appointed to the city council when Michael Chavez died by the other members of the city council who deemed an appointment was appropriate because a democratic election where voters would be given a voice would be "too expensive."

It all just goes to show how corrupt the political system is, on all levels. you dont need to look nationally to see scum bag politicians working hand in hand with big money interests.


  1. Thank you for getting this story out there. Our radio show picked it up [NorthbayUprising.blogspot.com, and broadcasting at Ozcatradio.com]
    While many radicals decry "Fascism", there is little done to put examples of local fascism out into the public light.
    Fascism is the marriage of business and government.
    Just another example of why the system is extremely fucked.

  2. How come we havent' seen this corrolation on Claycord.com?

  3. claycord already posted this last month.

  4. So in your leftist/socialist mind I guess anyone who works for a private company is somehow compromised and should be disqualified from running for office.

    Guy Bjerke is an honest man. Shame on you for this McCarthyist guilt-by-association witch hunt.