way to not check the bicycle calendar guys...

so as i mentioned a couple posts down, the walnut creek city councile will spend this tuesday talking about their city's bicycle plan.

well, that just so happen to be the same day and time that the Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle Advisory Committee is meeting. got this little note in my email today:
The Contra Costa Countywide Bicycle Advisory Committee is meeting on Tuesday, December 15, starting at 6 PM in the County Public Works Department building, 255 Glacier Drive, Martinez. This committee meets once a year.

The meeting will be to discuss the various applications that cities and the county have submitted for funding under the 2010/2011 Transportation Development Act, Article 3 (TDA).

This is a public meeting. Additional information may be obtained by calling Mike Carlson, staff to the committee, at (925) 313-2321.

way to not do a good job of publicizing the meeting or knowing what other folks are up to... what are we to do if we want to hear what walnut creek and contra costa want to do regarding cyclists? lack of communication?

at least there is nothing going on friday night, so everyone can attend critical mass!

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