so i usually think symbolic protests are kind of silly, but the 350 international day of climate action ended up being really cool. there were more than 5,200 rallies in 181 countries all calling for 350 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. the symbolic protests probably didnt accomplish much other than making some people feel good about themselves, and allowing them to realize that there is a whole lot of people all over the world that feel the way they do about climate change. however, some really really cool photographs came out of all the actions.

locally, in Santa Cruz, marchers carried placards through town to the clock tower where they held a mock trial of the automobile. In Humboldt County, demonstrators chose the ancient redwood forest in Richardson Grove as their site for protest because it is threatened by Caltrans’ proposal to widen highway 101. In San Francisco, folks spread a giant 350 banner across Justin Herman Plaza to call attention to this important number.In Menlo Park, the Raging Grannies sang their message, saying the trick is getting leaders to craft policies that will get us to the number 350.

here in the 925 Close to Home, Save Mount Diablo, Earth Team, and East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse all co-sponsored a 350 person, 3600 foot necklace around the summit of mount diablo.

while not a part of the 350 actions explicitly, earth first! and friends took part in a climate therapy session where they smashed up a pickup truck outside of ashby BART.

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