racism sucks

apperently there is at least one racist moron in moraga.
Tni and David Newhoff, who were staying with David's parents on Wandel Drive, awoke to find in the driveway a cross, covered in a white cloth and with "KKK" written on the crossbar, Tni Newhoff said this morning.
Tni is black and david is white.
actually im sure there are plenty of racists in moraga, as there are everywhere, but it isnt so common to find such blatant examples of racism. at least not in the bay area. the racism that does exist tends to be more subtle. like claiming obama is an evil muslim.

on the other hand, the national socialist movement scum did have a barbecue in lafayette a few months ago. could they have something to do with what just happened in morgaga?

it reminds me of the lynching that happened in concord on november 2nd, 1985. a black, homosexual man, Timothy Charles Lee, was found hanging from a tree near the concord BART station. there was plenty of reason to believe that it was murder, or at least that there was foul play involved. for example, witnesses described seeing men dressed in white robes in the area. or the fact that the night before, november 1st, 1985, two white men, dressed in KKK outfits stabbed two black men.
the police claimed it was coincidence and that the lynching was a suicide.
cover up by homophobic, racist cops? a lot of people certainly thought so...

if a new above ground racist or fascist group does form in the bay area, let's remember, there is only one way to deal with them; physically. the same way the british national party is being dealt with in england:

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