arson fire in dub c

Police arrested a man Thursday suspected of setting two overnight fires that damaged a Wendy's restaurant and a Comcast building, knocking out phone, television and Internet service for more than 40,000 customers....

At 3:45 a.m. Thursday, firefighters were called to the Comcast network services building near Arroyo Way and North Broadway and found the front of the building in flames, said Battalion Chief Bill Walker.

The fire was extinguished within 15 minutes, but not before causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to the building and computer equipment, Walker said. Nearly 40,000 local Comcast customers experienced interruptions to their cable and Internet service after the fire broke out, but services have since been restored, the company said.

Investigators say they are looking at Weinberg, even though the fire started about two hours after he was arrested. "There are delay mechanisms you can use," said Sergeant Jay Hill with the Walnut Creek police. "I'm not saying he did that but there are ways to have a fire ignite several hours after the person's been there."

good for him. meat is murder and fast food is way unhealthy. and cable makes people antisocial. instead of watching TV or sitting online they could be actually interacting with their family and friends.

also, for the second time this week, a contra costa sheriff shot and killed someone.

and also, in oakland, the memorial mural of gary king jr was buffed by BART.
remember how police officer Patrick Gonzales beat, tazered, and shot 20 year old, unarmed and innocent, Gary King Jr in the back. Gary died in hand cuffs, while his young cousin had to watch, unable to put pressure on the wounds because officer Gonzales put a gun to his head and said that he would kill him if he touched Gary? remember how nothing was done about it? yeah. fuck BART. Fuck Oakland PD. Off the Pigs.

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