Report: the pigs screwed up when they shot oscar grant. no shit!

really though, BART needed to hire someone to create a report that basically states that BART pigs fucked up when they shot oscar grant? seriously? you need a report for that?

here's a good response to the report.
The public report does not assign personal responsibility to any of the officers on the Fruitvale BART platform when Oscar Grant III was murdered. Nor does it recommend any corrective or disciplinary actions for specific BART police officers or supervisors in the chain of command. It says things like "the laser on the Tasers was often pointed in unsafe directions" without noting which officers did so (Tony Pirone and Marysol Domenici) and without recommending disciplinary action for the culprits. "Personnel matters" have not been released ostensibly due to the California Police Bill of Rights...

...The public version of the Meyers Nave report clearly refutes statements made by Gary Gee in a January 12th press conference at the conclusion of his whitewash internal affairs investigation. With General Manager Dorothy Dugger and BART spokesperson Linton Johnson at his side, Chief Gee unequivocally declared at the time that his officers had followed BART police protocol and acted professionally, yet Meyers Nave now completely contradicts Gee and starkly states that "officers did not follow recommended procedures" on the Fruitvale platform, as anyone who has been following the case closely already knew. The summary of the report describes the tactics of officers on the scene as "seriously deficient."...

...As for the detainment of Oscar Grant's friends after he was murdered, the report cites numerous problems there as well. His friends were all inappropriately handcuffed for up to six hours while they were being detained by BART police, even though none of them were actually under arrest. Meyers Nave points out that it remains "unclear if the right persons were detained" that night in the first place.

sometimes people claim there are a few bad apples, but most cops are good people. bullshit. if most cops were good people, they woulnt cover for the "bad apples." they wouldnt stand by and let those "few bad apples" beat up on people. they wouldnt lie under oath.
not a thing would have happened after the night oscar grant got murdered, if all the videos of that night were not shown and the rioting on the streets did not take place. compare oscar grant to gary king jr. gary king jr. was shot in the back by oakland PD, but there was no videos of what happened, and though there were peaceful marches, there were no riots afterwards. so the police covered up for their own, and nothing changed.
it's not a few bad apples, it's every cop on every police force.
The Largest Street Gang in America

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