loitering is OK

so the CC Times has an article about how certain business owners dont like people loitering around monument.

i dont really understand no loitering laws. what is wrong with people simply hanging out in public? i'm not talking about being drunk in public, as that is a different issue and a different law. nor am i talking about "disrupting shoppers and pedestrians." you dont have to be drunk or "disrupting" anyone to be loitering.

this no-loitering mentality makes it clear that we can only be consumers or producers, and nothing else. hanging out on the sidewalk is illegal. sidewalks are there so shoppers can get from one store to the next. standing around not producing anything and not consuming anything is bad bad bad. socializing doesnt make anyone any money.

going to a cafe, or a bar, or a restaurant on the other hand is great, because you are consuming while hanging out.

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