we always figured that the walnut creek police departament must the butt of all kinds of jokes by concord police. what do they have to deal with, las lomas kids jaywalking? psh... get a life.
apparently on saturday night they arrested a whole ten people for things such as drunk in public. golly gee wiz, what brave men and women, not only do they have to harass high school kids they also have to deal with with the dangers of drunk frat boy types. the pigs start at somewhere around $70,000/year salary, and there is concern that they are being over worked? come on...

in other news, the concord pigs are being once again sued for sexual harassment. surprise surprise. everyone knows the ranks of the police are filled with racists, is it any surprise that sexism is also a norm?

basically, all cops are bastards hired to keep the current social order stable. that is, to protect the interest of the rich and keep those who have power in power.

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